Dior Hydra Life, a New Kind of Moisturizer

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This is a concentration of pleasure, nature, and technology; Dior Hydra Life is able to provide a moisture that wasn’t even fathomable before. Chock full of active ingredients with targeted effects, Dior Hydra Life is able to preserve and value the capital of youth and the beauty of the skin. With a respect for its natural equilibrium, the skin is able to reveal its beauty today constructed around that of tomorrow.

Stronger and brighter each day, the skin will become so beautiful that you’ll prefer to leave it bare. It’s in this sense that the ad campaign shot by iconic fashion photographer Cass Bird takes inspiration from the idea that beauty alone is enough, when you take care of it. Two young models with a unique kind of beauty, Frederikke Søe Falbe-Hansen of Denmark, 19, and Sora Choi of Korea, 24, incarnate this marvelous philosophy.

In line with the times, they demonstrate this vision of a woman, of beauty in their own lives, mixing and matching skincare products as they see fit. With Cass Bird’s camera, in a bourgeois apartment in the heart of Paris, this becomes the California native’s film manifesto: a superposition of sunny colors and saturated pigments that bring a mirthful, authentic, and beautifully off-beat signature into the mix. Simply delightful.

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