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Last May, Dior presented their 2018 Cruise collection in California’s Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve. “For this cruise collection, we took off from a 1951 Christian Dior  collection that reinterpreted the paintings in the Lascaux caves. It was an unexpected reference and an extraordinary collection that is still relatively unknown. Then we transposed this attitude here, to Los Angeles, because it’s fundamental to anchor a runway in a location,” explained Maria Grazia Chiuri. Among the pieces in this Sauvage collection, some more remarkable ones included a tulle skirt featuring horses like a cave fresco. To accompany it, Maria Grazia Chiuri also imagined a tailleur bar jacket revisited in a fringe version.

Dior is unveiling a campaign that’s just as refreshing, shot by photographer Brigitte Lacombe. The star is the brand’s muse for several seasons now, Jennifer Lawrence, who once more incarnates a Dior woman that counts on her own intuition. In this series, just like in the collection, the universe of artist Georgia O’Keeffe takes on that of the brand. “By taking interest in the desert, throughout the course of my quest for inspiration, I happened upon the extraordinary work of Georgia O’Keeffe, a modern shaman, recognizable via her majestic and solemn look in the sands of New Mexico. This search was first and foremost an internal journey, within herself through her own feminine identity,” tells Maria Grazia Chiuri.

This campaign with a soft atmosphere accompanies Maria Grazia Chiuri’s mission to make Dior the figurehead of feminism. Muse Jennifer Lawrence demonstrates a strength and a look that marvelously fit with Dior’s vision for Cruise 2018 in this campaign . Dressed casually, the muse gives way to this season’s pieces – charm necklaces, revisited bar jackets, and Lady Dior bags released in earthy and organic shades. 

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