Dior Chez Moi: A New Way Of Living

The Dior chez Moi capsule collection was created based on the iconic works by Dior as an ode to the sweetness of life.

The Capsule Collection

Created by Maria Grazia Chuiri, the capsule collection re-orchestrates the most iconic works of the Dior house, around an elegant, hazy line… A line designed to echo today’s desire to liberate the body.

By going to the very source of Dior couture, Maria Grazia Chuiri is composing a collection that festively mixes the sensuality of movement and powerful and unique patterns.

We find the Toile de Jouy and Oblique- two works whose stories are shared here … These are the hues that are even more typical of the house that signify its tender, soft and elegant look. Christian Dior chose them himself when he founded his fashion house in 1947.

Sensual pajamas, airy bathrobes or even ponchos covered with two shades, which have therefore become associated with the Dior house. The grey and blue Trianon! Even better, the capsule collection is also comprised of unpublished works.

Dior And His Muse

The D-Way slippers, the essential Book Tote and, above all, the irresistible Mitzah scarves. Named after the founder’s muse – Mitzah Bricard. It is said that the elegant woman used to tie a panther-like muslin around her wrist to hide a scar. She has been his advisor and friend from the start. Fascinated by the aura of this woman, both mysterious and exuberant, with racy style and elegance, Dior decides in 1947 to incorporate her leopard print – also referred to by the expression “jungle style” – in his creations.

The Mitzah style, nicknamed “the queen of printed style” is therefore part of the Dior heritage! The collection of nightwear and summery attire of the collection is also presented in a mini-film.

Dior pajama

A mini-film directed by Belle Smith, where all the softness and dreaminess of this collection radiate the silhouettes of this season. A new art of living!