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David Bowie: Fashion Icon

Sometimes flamboyant, sometimes minimalist and always original, David Bowie knew how to navigate like few men before him between modes and styles. Thus, opening the way to a masculine fashion freed from conventions.

David Bowie: Chameleon of style

David Bowie is one of the most striking artists of the 20th and 21st centuries — if not the most striking one! With his alter ego, from Major Tom to Ziggy Stardust to Thomas Jerome Newton… Bowie relied on whimsical and fantastic characters to better revolutionize fashion and music.

David Bowie look

And when it comes to talking about fashion, David Bowie had a phenomenal impact on men’s clothing. Glamrock, androgynous before the hour — he plays a chameleon style alongside Iggy Pop… True touch-to-all that is not forbidden anything, whether it is rock or folk and psychedelic music — with each character, Bowie frees a little more music, and masculine fashion from its conventions!

David Bowie look

David Bowie was indeed known for his colorful, changing and definitely pioneering personalities. The most famous: Ziggy Stardust!

Bright red hair, slipped into the marvellous creations of designer Kansai Yamamoto… David Bowie is the epitome of glamrock fashion. Androgynous and flamboyant!

David Bowie look

With the emergence of glam and punk fashion in the mid-1970s, David Bowie is also Aladdin Sane… The red flash painted on his face, made up and surreptitiously sexual, the image of David Bowie becomes iconic!

David Bowie look

The influence of Bowie’s experimentation with glam rock, can still be seen in the most daring beauty looks of recent years. On the podium or in the most relevant fashion editorials, the avant-garde make-up inspired by Bowie’s freedom still resonates. iconic makeup On the podium or in the most relevant fashion editorials, the avant-garde make-up inspired by Bowie’s freedom still resonates.

Throughout his career, but especially during the time of Ziggy Stardust, Bowie never hesitated to appropriate feminine connoted pieces, to better divert them! Boots with vertiginous heels, body suits, leather pants…

His stylistic audacity lead him to propose a conscious game with what others can grasp as feminine, masculine or (in)appropriate. David Bowie, on the other hand, likes to break codes and takes a whole section of men’s fashion with him.

In the 1990s, he was still a pioneer when he abandoned the flamboyance of previous years to embrace minimalism at the end of the century. A bit more elegant but still as original, the Bowie style then boils down to double-breasted jackets, pleated pants… David Bowie was the first to wear Thom Browne’s short pants — now an iconic piece of the Thom Browne House.

Extravagant and never disguised, the look of David Bowie has rocked the imagination of the key designers of our time — Jean Paul Gaultier, Hedi Slimane, Demna Gvasalia and Raf Simons; all refer to Bowie’s androgynous appearance! then, there is Alexander McQueen…

In the early 1990s, Bowie, impressed by McQueen’s vision – a vision that had not yet been recognized by the establishment – ordered him his outfits for the 1996 show.

The highlight of this tour is undoubtedly this frock coat with a Union Jack motif. An emblematic piece of this collaboration that is also featured on the cover of the 1997 “Earthling” album…

So yes, David Bowie is unquestionably a fashion icon — one that still inspires creative people of all stripes today. let’s go Beyond the genres and disciplines!

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