Coco Avant Chanel, The New Fine Jewelry Collection

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Coco Avant Chanel, The New Fine Jewelry Collection

Once upon a time there was Gabrielle Chanel, born a Leo on the 19th of August 1883. She was a little girl who invented her own legend throughout her entire life by hiding her peasant origins and tumultuous past. From the orphanage of the Aubazine abbey where Gabrielle spend almost seven years, she developed her taste for couture. Within the Roman architecture of this cloistered universe, the young Gabrielle would gain her sense for stripping down to the basics and her taste for black and white. In the habits she saw worn, Gabrielle would develop a fascination for the baroque, superstitions, gold, and colorful gems.

Once in Paris, she would exercise her talent for couture by day and sing in the cabarets of the city by night before garrisons of nighttime cavaliers. That’s where she earned her nickname: Coco, from the song she often sang “Qui qu’a vu Coco dans l’Trocadéro?” Many an encounter and a stroke of genius were to follow, as she developed her own peerless personality. She took inspiration from the male wardrobe and confectioned hats from which she removed all feathers and bobbles to make them simpler, lighter, and simply chic. Her first clients were mistresses, but soon elegant dames would be knocking on her door.

Now, the ateliers of the house on rue Cambon are introducing 11 jewelry pieces bearing the name of elegant and other distinguished women who accompanied or influenced Gabrielle as she became Chanel. These 11 pieces are inspired by the decadent 20s; the lace and ribbons that once decorated boaters on the racetracks are now appearing in this new collection. Made of gold and precious stones, the lace and ribbon are released with subtle gradients of pinks and grays. The  18K white gold “Gabrielle Chanel” bracelet encrusted with a 5.02 carat pear-shaped diamond introduces the Mademoiselle’s lucky charm in a purified, simplified, stylized version; the very signature of Chanel style. Recalling the magic she could whip up with just a pair of scissors, the 18K white gold “Gabrielle Chanel” necklace encrusted with a pear-shaped diamond, two round diamonds, and 1,581 brilliant diamonds righteously traces the swiftness of the creative act, while lace presents asymmetrical cuts that fall perfectly into place. Available very soon.

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