Ciné-Club Barrière

Ciné-Club Barrière

The Ciné-Club Barrière runs from July 6 to 17. The gardens of the Normandy and Hôtel du Golf in Deauville, as well as the Royal in La Baule, will transform into stages for a Ciné-Club where cinema, fashion, and history fuse in iconic locations of the 7th Art.

Ciné-Club Barrière: Deauville, Chanel, and Cinematic Chic

In 1913, Gabrielle Chanel chose Deauville to open her first boutique, transforming this seaside resort into a bastion of new, relaxed elegance. The town then became a favored vacation spot for the artistic elite, a perfect setting for filmmakers. This same essence of refinement is what the Barrière Hotels continue to uphold by hosting stars and directors for decades.

The Normandy, with its half-timbered façade and timeless luxury, has welcomed personalities like Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu during the Deauville American Film Festival. This palace, at the heart of cultural life, has been a favored residence for figures such as Marlon Brando and Clint Eastwood. The Hôtel du Golf, perched on the heights, has seen legends like Jean-Paul Belmondo and Romy Schneider pass through, becoming a haven for stars seeking tranquility and inspiration.

In La Baule, the Royal is known for its close ties to French cinema. Directors like François Truffaut and Claude Chabrol found in this palace a place of escape and creativity. The Royal has hosted numerous film shoots and serves as a backdrop for timeless cinematic tales.

Therefore, this Ciné-Club Barrière promises to be rich in iconic moments. The Ciné-Club begins in style at the Normandy with “A Man and a Woman” by Claude Lelouch, a film that showcased Deauville on the big screen. Guillaume Canet will introduce “Jappeloup” the following day, celebrating the equestrian spirit of the town and the chic of the Deauville racetrack.

At the Hôtel du Golf, the audience will discover works like “Incognito” and “Ducobu 3,” while La Baule will shine with screenings such as “Someone I Loved” by Zabou Breitman and “Notre Dame” by Valérie Donzelli, each enriched by the presence of their directors and actors.

These film evenings invite guests to immerse themselves in the world of cinema with unparalleled luxury. Settled in deck chairs, savoring popcorn and champagne, they will experience total immersion, surrounded by locations that have served as the backdrop to so many masterpieces. The Barrière Hotels, true beating hearts of cinema in Deauville and La Baule, thus offer an experience where the elegance of the past meets the excitement of contemporary 7th Art.