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Deep in the Sauternes, a sublime region of France, nestled within the valley of Garonne, a controlled micro-climate is punctiliously created to yield the grapes of Château d’Yquem. The domain itself, dating back 400 years, is 113 acres. Its vines are pampered like a princess: they aren’t subjected to any chemical processes, with their grapes inspected than hand-picked with great respect paid to an ancestral tradition that has been passed down for twelve generations. Two legendary French grape varieties can be found here: Sémillon and Sauvignon. Subject to very unique meteorology, and paired with a variety of exceptional soils, the end result is this sweet wine that is both warm and light.

Taking a whiff of its golden robe, you’ll instantly be filled with a sudden effluvium of intense fruits both ripe (mirabelle, apricot) and dry (fig, quince). This famed nectar also gives off scents of exotic notes of spiced mango forming subtle odors that tickle the nostrils as per comments of Yquem’s chef de cave Pierre Lurton. Its amplitude in the mouth is incomparable, for this wine is opulent. Not to mention its disquietingly complex refinement: a suave infinity, a velvet texture full of character yet ever so delicate, an exquisite softness that carries you away…

Château d’Yquem is the first superior vintage of all those classed from Sauternes. Its submission to nature, to the capricious climate that beats down upon its hillside, is the foundation of its preciousness, its excellence, and its exclusive character. On an average of one year in ten, the domain, unsatisfied with the result yielded from its vineyard, foregoes bottling its harvest, after an entire year of impecunious, minute labor. This is what choosing the name Yquem means: standing with qualitative excellence that is rarely observed elsewhere. This highly prestigious wine is the incarnation of French luxury, and the typically French art of savoir-vivre. What fills any glass into which is poured this magic sap, this harmonious liquid, this ever so soft drink, is sheer greatness.

A mythical wine is a wine that causes emotions every time. Like Chateau d’Yquem, other areas such as those of La Romanée-Conti and Château Lafite share a philosophy that is very respectful of nature thanks to the transmission of ancestral savoir-faire of men and women. Of women and on the excellence and refinement of the wines they contribute to produce.

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