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  • Tulip Chair – Eero Saarinen

    Eero Saarinen - Tulip Chair
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    The Tulip Chair, icon of modern design since 1965, is a part of the latest series of furniture designed by Saarinen. His intention was to simplify the structure of this furniture by revolutionizing the genre.

    Name of the product : Tulip Chair

    Designer : Eero Saarinen

    Description : The collection is a defining accomplishment of modern design and timeless addition to your home – a true classic. Pair Tulip Chairs with a Saarinen Table for the quintessential modern dining set, or mix and match for a statement in any room.

    Matières : Fiberglass, Aluminium, Textile / Leather

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  • Wiggle Side Chair – Frank Ghery

    Frank Ghery - Wiggle Side Chair
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    Frank Gehry was one of the first designers to make furniture out of cardboard, coming up in 1972 with this legendary Wiggle Side Chair. It’s a tribute to the Zig-Zag chair by Rietveld that became iconic!

    Name of the product : Wiggle side chair

    Designer : Frank Gehry

    Description : Architect and designer Frank Gehry is renowned for his use of unusual materials that undergo radical transformations. By creating the “Easy Edges” furniture series, he has given a new aethetic dimension to a material as mundane as cardboard.

    Materials : Cardboard, Hard fibre panel

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  • S 32 – Marcel Breuer

    Marcel Breuer - S 32
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    Probably the most famous and most produced tubular steel seat in the history of furniture! A chair that has become the figurehead of the Bauhaus aesthetic, now looks chic in every interior.

    Name of the product : S 32

    Designer : Marcel Breuer

    Description : The S 32 cantilever chair and the S 64 variant with armrests are undoubtedly the best-known tubular steel classics. Their popularity comes from the successful combination of new and old with, on the one hand, Thonet’s tradition as a manufacturer of bentwood furniture stretched with typical Viennese cane and, on the other, the revolutionary use of tubular steel.

    Materials : Steel, Beech, Cane, Plastic fabric

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  • Chair One – Konstantin Grcic

    Konstantin Grcic - Chair One
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    This chair is a dream of every person that loves design! The first part of the furniture is a delicate form made from béton and the second, as described by Konstancin Grcic:” is built like a football: a number of flat planes assembled at angles to each other, creating a three-dimensional form. I think my approach was a mixture of naivety and frankness”.

    Name of the product : Chair One

    Designer : Konstantin Grcic

    Description : Chair one is a design chair designed by Konstantin Grcic for Magis. Chair One, an absolutely unique chair. This chair is part of a modern industrial style. The hull is a structure made with flat geometric shapes that unite by the sides like a football.

    Materials : Concrete, Aluminium

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  • Icon Chair – Miguel Soeiro

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    Icon is actually the reinterpretation of the Portuguese chair, also known as Gonçalo… A simple and elegant chair that inspires the art of conversation, for Miguel Soeiro.

    Name of the product : Icon Chair

    Designer : Miguel Soeiro

    Description : Icon is our dining chair where comfort meets design. Soft yet bold, it is the perfect addition to enhance your dining room.

    Materials : Wood

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  • Butterfly Stool – Sori Yanagi

    Sori Yanagi - Butterfly Stool
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    Created in 1954 by Sori Yanagi, an emblematic figure of Japanese industrial design, the butterfly stool is made up of two identical curved pieces… An ode of design to Japanese philosophy.

    Name of the product : Butterfly Stool

    Designer : Sori Yanagi

    Description : The iconic Butterfly Stool by the Japanese designer Sori Yanagi is a classic piece of furniture that uniquely combines Eastern forms with the plywood moulding technique developed by Charles and Ray Eames. The gently curving silhouette of the twin seat shells is reminiscent of a butterfly’s wings – eternally poised for flight. The stool is made of maple or palisander wood.

    Materials : Maple plywood / Santos palisander Santos

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  • Bold Padded chair – Big Game

    Bold - Big Games
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    These brightly colored chairs are designed by Elric Petit, Grégoire Jeanmonod and Augustin Scott from Big-Game Design Studio. They deeply believe that “progress is born by confrontation” – and seeing these icons, one understands innovation better!

    Name of the product : Bold Padded chair

    Designer : Big Game

    Description : Made up of two tubular parts in metal embedded in each other, the Bold chair is an updated version of the tradition of a chair in tubular steel. Inflated with a thin polyurethane foam, the line drawn by the Bold successfully plays the role of foot, seat then back and gives it an amazing level of comfort.

    Material : Steel structure and polyurethane foam – Removable textile cove – Flat packed, to be assembled

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  • Mr. Impossible – Philippe Strack and Eugeni Quitllet

    Philippe Starck Con Eugeni Quitllet - Mr. Impossible
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    Mixture between technology and aesthetics, reliability and reflection – Mr. Impossible is a cocoon cut out of plastic … a chair that highlights all the Starck style.

    Name of the product : Mr. Impossible

    Designer : Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet

    Description : Mr. Impossible stems from the – apparently impossible – idea of joining two oval bodies without using glue, to obtain an indissoluble weld. The two laser welded shells give the seat a two-tone, three-dimensional look.

    Materials : Polycarbonate

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  • Her Casamania – Fabio Novembre

    Her Chair - Casamania
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    Her chair is cast directly from a model, using a three-dimensional scan of a sculpture of a female body. The design is provocative, playful and sensual.

    Name of the product : Her Casamania

    Designer : Fabio Novembre

    Description :The fascinating anthropomorphic Him & Her chairs are on the crossroads between modern and industrial design. Brilliant Fabio Novembre has restyled the legendary Panton Chair. The backrest shows a shape of a naked male or female body – sculptured forms of human bodies as models of seduction…

    Material :Polyethylene

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  • Victoria Ghost – Philippe Starck

    Philippe Starck - Victoria Ghost
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    In 2002, Starck created the icon that is now called a Ghost chair, based on the design of a Louis XV style armchair. This is a meeting between the plastic, simplified present and, at the same time, the baroque past of design!

    Name of the product : Victoria Ghost

    Designer : Philippe Starck

    Description : A chair with classic line, it has a rounded back which recalls the shape of antique medallions, while the seat is linear and geometric. Victoria Ghost is available in clear or coloured polycarbonate and is made in a single injection mould. It is stable and strong, collision-proof and capable of withstanding the effects of the weather. A very charismatic product with a personality all of its own, the perfectly elegant and versatile addition to any setting.

    Materials : Polycarbonate

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  • Panton – Verner Panton

    Verner Panton - Panton
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    The classic of classics- the Panton! The chair by Verner Panton is the first chair to be made of molded plastic which makes it become a revolution. This bold and timeless elegance is the most iconic design.

    Name of the product : Panton

    Designer : Verner Panton

    Description : The Panton chair, created by Verner Panton in the 1960s, is a true icon in the history of furniture. The Panton chair marked the history of design both by its form and the technique used to produce it. Indeed, the Pantone Chair was the first plastic chair made in one piece.

    Materials : Polypropylene

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