Department Stores and Luxury Windows Selection

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  • Les Vitrines du Luxe

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    Authors: Guénolée Milleret, Elodie de Boissieu

    Publishing House: Eyrolles

    Publication Date: 13 October 2016

    This book, co-authored by Guénolée Milleret, historian of fashion and decorative arts, and Élodie de Boissieu, director of the International School of Luxury Marketing, is a deep dive into the world of luxury commerce and its economic, artistic and cultural stakes, past and present.The development of luxury boutiques – starting with the historic Parisian model -, the evolution of professions and commercial and financial practices, the metamorphosis of sales spaces in terms of strategy and innovation: in three parts illustrated with nearly 200 photos and archival documents, the Luxury Showcases describe the empire of luxury and its imaginary on all of society, and its successive incarnations, up to the most recent, international and virtual, of an art of living.

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  • Une histoire des grands magasins

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    Inspired by the opera and driven by the Paris of the Belle Epoque eager for novelty and a new relationship with things – department stores literally revolutionized the commerce and culture around fashion. This book details this fascinating history that concerns us all.

    Author : Whitaker. J

    Publisher : Citadelles & Mazenod

    Date of Release : Septembre 2011

    The department stores’ is one of the major consequences of the industrial revolution in France. It developed rapidly, first in Paris, thanks to the new opportunities offered by mass production, the rise of the middle classes, growing prosperity, the expectations of a public tired of narrowly specialised shops and finally thanks to the accessibility of the city centre offered by Baron Haussmann’s grand boulevards. Thus, these new palaces of commerce were soon built. La Samaritaine, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps ruled the boulevards and made their owners colossally rich. Shopping became an enjoyable occupation rather than a laborious journey. The greatest artists signed posters and advertisements and spectacular window displays attracted hundreds of thousands of spectators during the holiday season. The department stores’ concept quickly spread throughout Europe and Asia, and then to America. These temples of consumption became places where one could fulfil one’s dreams and spend entire days just watching, following fashion shows, having lunch.

    Never before has a book been published that is as superbly illustrated as this History of Department Stores, enriched with hundreds of photographs and documents found around the world. Jan Whitaker has brought to life the emotions, pleasures and surprises that these shopping temples have been offering their millions of visitors for over a century.

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  • La Samaritaine

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    The iconic store on the Pont-Neuf tells its story in this beautiful book… A family history, of fashion and commerce, at the origins of the unprecedented relationship that the Belle Epoque initiated with luxury and finery!

    Author : Jean-François Cabestan, Hubert Lempereur

    Publisher : Picard

    Date of release : Mai 2005

    The Samaritaine department stores are part of the history of Paris. Their rehabilitation makes it possible to deliver a very complete work, abundantly illustrated, which covers the rise of Parisian shops, the work of the architect in charge of the project by Cognacq-Jay, the introduction of art nouveau in Paris, the integration of the building on the front of the Seine or the American influences on this unparalleled complex. With contributions from Pierre Pinon and Simon Texier.

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  • Vitrines de Boutiques

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    Author: Lam Benson

    Publishing House: Links International

    Publication Date: March 2009

    Today, in a consumer-driven market, new product display ideas are coming up every day. Through these insights from global visual merchants, we can better learn and understand the different cultural lifestyles, social backgrounds and consumer preferences of this country and certainly, brand identity. If a picture says a thousand words, this book probably has the whole story.

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  • Les Grands Magasins

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    The Grands Magasins are one of the most iconic symbols of Paris – yet their history is little known. This beautiful, scholarly and fascinating book changes that!

    Author : Bernard Marrey

    Publisher : Linteau

    Date of release: juillet 2018

    Out of print for many years, this work by Bernard MARREY is richly illustrated with engravings and period photographs. It presents the history of the Parisian department stores (and some others such as Toulouse or Rennes). At a time of large surfaces and dematerialised sales, it allows us to delve into the history of department stores and to consider the relationship between consumption and architecture.

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  • Du Grand Bazar de l’Hôtel de ville au BHV Marais

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    The BHV, or Grand Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville, holds a special place in the daily life of Parisians. It is undoubtedly the favorite, but above all it is there that one can trace the thread of this art of living revered throughout the world.

    Authors : Florence Brachet, Maud Allera, Stephanie Desvaux

    Publisher : Assouline

    Date of Release : Octobre 2016

    “Paris is a big village where the BHV is the market place”.
    La Presse, 5 February 1957

    Founded in 1856 by François Xavier Ruel, a bimbelotier from Annonay, the Grand Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville is now one of the capital’s leading stores. True to the bazaar spirit, the shop very soon opened its shelves to increasingly varied specialities – from DIY to tableware, from beauty to fashion.

    A place of inspiration for many artists who bought there or diverted the objects on display, the shop is closely associated with Marcel Duchamp and his invention of the ready-made. This link with artists and creation is still alive. With Auguste Roy’s famous rotunda, and the expansion work that has punctuated the building’s history, the BHV firmly anchors its silhouette in the Marais – one of the most lively places in the capital. Through its architectural imprint as well as its economic activity, it is today a place of life that is inseparable from the district whose name it has taken.

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  • Samaritaine : Paris Pont-Neuf

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    It took 15 years of renovation work to give this Parisian urban icon its splendour back. La Samaritaine is the temple of chicness and elegance as well as the result of a long story about architecture and heritage. This illustrated book brilliantly addresses this topic!

    Author: Harold Cobert

    Publishing House: Assouline

    Publication Date: June 2021

    The story of Samaritaine is a grand love story: the love of family, the love of commerce, the love of art, the love for others. Samaritaine is a name that conjures dreams, and, for many Parisians, brings back a flood of memories, such as climbing the grand staircase with one’s grandmother, or just gazing awestruck at the sight of its majestic building in the heart of Paris.

    From Art Nouveau to Zola, the story of the Samaritaine department store unfolds here in the form of a playful ABC to commemorate its renovation and renaissance in the twenty-first century. This architectural gem once again offers an authentically French shopping experience, blending the chic of avenue Montaigne with the trendy vibe of the Marais. French art de vivre is elevated here, beyond simply a retail space, offering new experiences, an array of restaurants, conferences and exhibitions, a spa and even a five-star hotel.

    Illustrated with striking photographs, Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf juxtaposes French artisanal savoir faire and fashion with elements of Parisian history and anecdotes of the store’s founders, illuminating the evolution of this iconic department store in the heart of the City of Light. As rich and glamorous as the Samaritaine facade on the Parisian skyline, this volume celebrates the revival of this jewel box of French style and spirit.

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