Cartier Tank Must: A Timeless Watch

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Cartier Tank Must: A Timeless Watch

Cartier’s legendary watch is released in an accessible, colorful version. It’s Cartier’s Tank Must.

Cartier Tank Must: Baroque, Pop and Refined

An icon worn by Jackie Kennedy, Andy Warhol, Lady Diana or even Duke Ellington and Truman Capote… Cartier’s Tank, imagined in 1917 by Louis Cartier himself, hasn’t quite finished fascinating the world yet. In its newe version, Cartier’s Tank Must is defined by Cartier’s vision itself; baroque, pop and refined.

Tank Must de Cartier

Cartier’s Tank is a watch born from Louis Cartier’s spirit at the height of the First World War. Inspired by tank lines seen by Louis Cartier firsthand on the western front, the watch might be to the image of its time, it doesn’t stop it from being a cultural object still sought after by well documented collectors.

Simple and robust, graphical and eminently elegant as it’s devoid of ornaments, Cartier’s Tank watch draws its lines and aesthetics driectly from its time period, one marked by the end of the Belle Epoque and the advent of the machine era.

Its simple and direct design has impacted Place Vendôme’s aesthetic like few have ever. There it is, to each cultural icon its legend, one that is told here.

Tank Must de Cartier

In 2021, Cartier revived the myht of the Tank watch by introducing, at the Watches & Wonders convention, a new revised version of the Must Tank launched in 1977. A timeless charisma – all is permitted for the Cartier Tank Must, and it takes advantage of it.

All 15 colors in which it’s presented – shades of blue, green and red – are deep, chic and captivating. Better still; some models are solar powered thanks to minuscule photovoltaic cells, hidden under the frame, enough to power the SolarBeat TM mechanism and its over 16 year long autonomy.

Obviously, we can still find the legendary crown winder and its traditional cabochon blue stone, signatures of Cartier know-how. The chic of the roman numerals is also kept. With its 4 different sizes, Cartier’s Tank Must is sure to satisfy all tastes and wrists with its absolutely baroque Cartier refinement.