Bugatti Bolide : The Grand Prix of the most Beautiful Hypercar

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Bugatti Bolide : The Grand Prix of the most Beautiful Hypercar

The International Automobile Festival (IAF) is a sort of automobile Fashion Week, with prizes centered around rewarding the designers’ work. A few days ago, the 36th edition of the IAF was held in Paris, the perfect moment to see the prettiest cars and concept cars. This year, because of the worldwide pandemic, the IAF could not open its doors to the general public at its Invalides location, but many models still won prizes.

The Mercedes GLA received the very sought after prize of Car Of The Year 2021, as the orgnaisation had announced at the beginning of the year, whereas the Bugatti Bolide won th =e prize of most beautiful hypercar. The style professionnals of which the IAF’s jury is composed congratulated the designers’ work on this absolutely incredible concept hypercar which will soon become a series model.

The Molsheim firm’s model, once again presented under the form of a concept car, will be subject to an upcoming limited edition release. As we can notice in the photos, the Bolide is inspired by the LMP1 prototypes as well as other one seaters to form a design clearly dedicated to aerodynamism.

Under its bonnet, we can find a powerful W16 8 litre quadri-turbo 1850 horsepower engine with a 1850 Nm torque. However, these are the concept cars characteristics. Those of the series model will be slightly lower, but impressive nonetheless. The series models will be very close to the concept car while still satisfying the IAF’s international security norms. The car will only weigh 1450 kilos and its engine will develop 1600 horsepower and an equal amount of torque.

In regards to detail, it will be equipped with a six point harness and a compatibility with the HANS system, an automatic fire-extinguishing system and even central union nut equipped rims. The production of the bUgatti Bolide is limited to 40 models only, each selling for around four million euros. The clients with their eyes on this jewel will have to be patient; deliveries are set for 2024.

“the Bolide was a totally different challenge for our design team; a sort of inside out experiment of stripping the car down to its W16 and rebuilding it from the ground up to create the most extreme Bugatti to date.” explains Achim Anscheidt, the director of design at Bugatti. 

“Our primary goal was to respect the technical requirements of the Bolide, by focusing firsthand on the functionality and only afterwards on the development of the shape. We are profoundly honored that its design won such a sought after reward, given by the sector’s experts.”

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