Beyoncé, a Fashion Icon

Beyoncé, a Fashion Icon

Beyoncé, among a few artists, transcends her status as a singer to be a real fashion icon. More than that she is a committed role model that is certainly one of the most influential personalities when it comes to introduce new styles and designers…

Beyoncé: Trendy and Committed Fashion

In 2021, the couple Beyoncé and Jaz-Z stirred the internet once again with the launch of the campaign of the American jeweler Tiffany & Co. The famous rapper-producer slipped into an impeccable costume in a Basquiat-like style. The ‘Queen B’ wearing a black sheath dress very Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. That is Beyoncé, probably the most influential and powerful person in the music industry.

And if Beyoncé is now a reference in music, she is long way past this status alone, she is now also a fashion icon. Indeed, since her beginnings with Destiny’s Childs, Beyoncé has been able to inspire fashions and attitudes.

But it’s been a few years now that Beyoncé has become a fashion supernova. Taking advantage of its status, its aura and especially its impact to raise awareness and draw attention to committed and sharp designers.

Therefore, when Beyoncé received the CFDA Fashion Icon in 2016, dressed in a Givenchy glittering tuxedo, and a hat with wide edges she was already engaged in this path taken a few years earlier. Indeed, being on the cover of some of the most famous fashion magazines, from Marie-Claire to Vogue, is not enough to express her message anymore. Henceforth, she will use fashion and clothing to transmit a message of inclusiveness.

The Beyoncé Look: Transmitting a Message

Beyoncé’s wardrobe is always carrying a message that goes through the creation of tailor-made outfits she orders for her performances.

The most iconic ones? Her “Homecoming” show in Coachella in 2018 to honor universities that were historically known to be the first ones to have given a way to African Americans. On stage, Beyoncé revisits this campus style through the prism of luxury.

Actually, her university sweaters and fringed boots designed by Olivier Rousteing marked the meeting between American heritage and impeccable Parisian couture.

In 2009, Beyoncé already called on Thierry Mugler to make the outfits for her tour of the album «I am Sasha Fierce». She later on renewed her collaboration with Mugler for the “on The Run” tour, a look topped by the icon to be glitter hat.

Still, collaborating with top French fashion designers does not prevent Beyoncé from being interested in designers and craftsmanship specific to the countries she performs at. Just like during her concert at the Global Citizen Festival in South Africa! For the occasion, Beyoncé called on South African designers known to insiders -Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa, Quiteria Kekana and George Malelu- that have participated in the creation of an emerald cape.

Tyler Mitchell, Black Is King and The Video Clip At The Louvre…

Beyoncé, as a real living legend of the music industry, has today a lasting influence on fashion and the very orientation of pop culture itself.

Beyoncé understood that clothes carry a message and hers is quite clear: to give Africa’s talent and its diaspora the opportunity to shine!

The first important occurrence took place in 2018. While Vogue USA is preparing its cover with Beyoncé, she expressly asks Anna Wintour to let photographer Tyler Mitchell shoot it. In September 2018, Tyler Mitchell becomes the first black photographer to do the cover of Vogue USA!

What’s even more striking is the ‘Apeshit’ video shot at the Louvre with Jay-Z. It’s actually quite simple: it brought together the musts of the most talented designers of their generation, famous names such as Burberry, Balmain, Versace, Dries Van Noten, other more confidential names such as Peter Pilotto, Stéphane Rolland, and Alexis Mabille, as well as the cutting-edge and avant-garde designers such as Y-project and Marine Serre.

Beyoncé has once again struck the world of fashion and art by putting light on designers of this caliber while placing the representation of African Americans at the heart of the temple of culture such as the Louvre.

In July 2020, comes another consecration of fashion to the prism of Beyoncé’s style. With Black Is King, a short clip inspired by the Lion King for which she directed the soundtrack, Beyoncé displays no less than 69 silhouettes!

Once more, fashion giants like Thierry Mugler and Valentino created stunning pieces for her, just like this Valentino catsuit worn by Beyoncé, which would have required almost 300 hours of work!

Still, Beyoncé does not hesitate to dig into the edgy and avant-garde items of the designers of her time—like Loza Maléombho, a West African designer based in Côte d’Ivoire, Lace by Tanaya, or even Déviant La Vie and Simon Hartman…

Beyoncé and her long-time stylist Zerina Akers use their aesthetic figures to better defend and serve equal opportunities and inclusiveness in the pop and fashion world. A saving and ultimately inspiring vision of fashion and its power!

This book retraces the dazzling trajectory of the pop-icon Beyoncé.