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Fashion for Armando Costa is one of the only forms of expression capable of filling the infinite gap of infinity. First winner of the Istituto Marangoni in Milan’s very first sponsorship prize, the designer introduced his first collection during the Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Week. This young man graduated from the Istituto in 2006 – hence the initial interest for this sponsorship. Imagined to promote and sustain the work of ex-students, the M Alumni Collections Evolution project cements the Istituto Marangoni’s involvement in highlighting its own talents. This financial and organizational grant propels new ideas front and center in the fashion scene.

For his first collection under the auspices of the project, Armando Costa presented a line that was largely inspired by the theme of travel – an elegant breed of nomadism where florescent colors come together with the nobility of Italian artisan fabrics. The neon shades of Las Vegas hotels mix together here with patterns from the carpet and interiors of the city’s unlimited supply of luxury hotels and casinos. Even better, Armando Costa garnered details for these gypsy-inspired looks from the adornments of Baroque and Gothic churches. Exquisite and exotic, his collection is the pure expression of traveling through time and space.

“The school has always been very attentive to the career path of its students. We’re thus very proud to be able to offer this extraordinary opportunity, which we firmly believe in, to bring out the true professionals of tomorrow. The project is part of the promotional activities and events through M alumni community, in order to offer new opportunities, an exclusive network, and a sharing of common values and competences,” explained Roberto Riccio, Director General of the Galileo Global Education group. This is one way to remain connected to the talents of tomorrow.

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