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In 1886, the Tiffany Setting was imagined by Charles Lewis Tiffany as a ring that would showcase its own gem – a piece that became the engagement ring par excellence for many a marriage, capturing all the dazzling wonder of a pure diamond. In those days, the trend was not gems set on rings but rather into them. Charles Lewis Tiffany’s innovative touch made his engagement ring become the absolute symbol of love – a ring that highlights the most beautiful diamonds in the world.

Throughout its history, the Tiffany Setting has been able to maintain and improve on its original design: a brilliant cut diamond with six platinum stripes. Today, in honor of the brand’s 130th anniversary, the Setting is getting reinvented in a super limited edition of just 130 copies. The pavé version, composed of a platinum-striped ring, is getting encrusted with diamonds: a single 8.55 carat brilliant size diamond, that is, whose artisans delicately cut each of its facets. Tiffany’s presents the stone as if it were floating above a hundred dazzling diamonds! This sublime beauty is signed Tiffany & Co.

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