Wüsthof – Couteau d’Office Ikon

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Iconic knife of the French kitchen, the Ikon Office Knife combines design and modernity for a use flirting with perfection… It is indeed forged in a single piece of a special hardened steel!

Brand : Wüsthof

Product name : Ikon Office Knife


A small, versatile knife, it is an indispensable knife for cutting onions, herbs, carrots, potatoes and other fruits and vegetables. Easy to handle thanks to its short blade, it is the knife to have at hand for all your daily cutting needs. – Precision forged from a single piece of hardened special steel with a high carbon content for strength and durability – Extreme sharpness guaranteed thanks to Wüsthof’s state-of-the-art Petec technology – Perfectly balanced knife for effortless cutting – Do not put in the dishwasher to maintain the aesthetics of the handle and the sharpness of the blade The Wüsthof Ikon range combines modern design with a traditional Grenadill wood handle and is aimed at those who love beautiful objects and who will be impressed by both the cutting performance and the elegance of the knife on the worktop – Made in Solingen, Germany and backed by a lifetime guarantee. – Wüsthof has been manufacturing 100% of its knives in Solingen, Germany since 1814. Wüsthof is a knife expert with a wide range of products and is recognised worldwide for the quality of its exceptional knives.