Replica Accross Sands Maison Margiela

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A fragrance as conceptual as Maison Margiela’s DNA – each ‘Replica’ fragrance is stamped with its origin and period … Confusing genres and frankly unconventional, the line of fragrances is as deep as it is astonishing.

Name of the product : Replica Accross Sands

Brand : Maison Margiela

Composition : Top notes: Cinnamon Essence, Osmanthus Absolute, Davana Essence
Middle notes: Date Accord, Everlasting Flower, Cistus Absolute
Base notes: Oud Absolu, Patchouli Essence, Incense Essence

Across Sands evokes a desert escape, with fruits and flowers blooming amongst the dunes. The exotic oud scent is lifted by warm notes of dates, spices and cinnamon, with a suave base of osmanthus, patchouli and cistus.

Begin your journey into the endless desert.
Intrigued by the merchant’s perilous tales, admire the night falling on the caravan trail.
Thriving and mysterious.