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Tintoretto was one of the most important Italian Mannerist painters of the Renaissance and an exceptional artist of the Venetian school — he captured in his canvases the silhouettes, the richness of the fabrics and the most eloquent scenes of Venetian life from his time.

Author : Guillaume Cassegrain

Publication house : Hazan

Collection : Monographie

Release date : November 2010

Tintoret (1518-1594) is one of the few painters of the Venetian Renaissance to be truly from the City of the Doges. Titian, his great rival, comes from the terraferma (Cadore) just like the other great painter of the time, Veronese, born in Verona. The ambition of this book is to find Tintoret by confronting the examination of his work with the “ myt h” forged by art history literature around the art and personality of Jacopo Robusti.