Opium Yves Saint Laurent

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When the Yves Saint Laurent house released a perfume in 1977 which took the name of Opium, the scandal could only have been total. Saint Laurent makes a strong promise of a sensual, seductive moment, inhabited by the mystery of heavy scrolls which give way to the reign of the senses… This perfume was thus inspired by the Empress of China – Opium is therefore a daring perfume, composed for women daring.

Name of the product : Opium

Brand : Yves Saint Laurent

Composition : The opulent decadence of the Eau de Parfum captures the overtly sensual spirit of the original parfum designed by Yves Saint Laurent, only in a lighter spray form. Striking notes of mandarin and bergamot are made mystical with middle notes myrrh and jasmine. A final accord of deep amber laced with Opoponaux imbues the scent with its celebrated rapture. In a chic Chinoiserie-inspired flacon.