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This beautiful book abandons technicalities to focus on simple and effective recipes of Cédric Grolet’s pastry signatures. 100 original recipes, from the traditional baguette and Saint-Honoré to chocolate bread and apple pie… A book to be placed in the hands of gourmets, gourmands and apprentice chefs!

Author: Cédric Grolet

Publishing House: Ducasse Edition

Publication Date: December 2011

Description :Cédric Grolet turns a page and explores a new world, that of pastry and bakery. More radical in his approach, he emancipates himself from the technicality of Fruits, his first book, to go towards even more freshness, immediacy and the right taste.

From the traditional baguette to the Saint-Honoré, including chocolate bread and apple pie, discover 100 simple and effective recipes for every moment of the day, following the rhythm of his new eponymous boutique.

At 7 a.m., first come the morning pastries. At 11am, the pastries. At 3pm, the desserts prepared at a moment’s notice and the frosted fruits for the afternoon snack. At 5pm, the last batch of bread of the day.

Cédric Grolet, with his experience and his talent, breaks the codes and questions everything to offer you an original, surprising and inspired pastry.