Monkey 47

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A singular gin with a special aroma built around the musky herb – Monkey 47 is a gin distilled and handcrafted from 47 handpicked botanical ingredients specially extracted from the German Black Forest.

Name of the Product : Monkey 47

Marque : Monkey 47

Description : Presented with a sublime earthenware cup, Monkey 47 is a gin composed of 47 ingredients including cassia, hibiscus, rush, jasmine, monarda, cranberry, pomelo, verbena, elderberry, spruce… Invented in 2008 when Alexander Stein created the Black Forest distillery with the intention of producing the best gin in the world, it is called Monkey 47 in homage to the British Commander Montgomery, himself a gin producer in the Black Forest in the 1950s. It is made in micro vats (1250 liters) and distilled in small steam-heated stills.