Mobilier design. Unique or limited edition pieces

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This book is a first in that it brings together design pieces that go beyond utility – more than 400 pieces that hold experimentation, pleasure, beauty and research are thus gathered in this beautiful book!

Author : Judith Gura ; Jean-François Cornu

Publishing house : La Martinière

Publication : November 2021

The romantic image of the craftsman alone in his workshop has given way to that of the creator at work in his laboratory, a foundry or even a factory. Craftsmanship has evolved, combining handwork and technology, providing virtually unlimited opportunities for designers to create unique furniture for galleries, exhibitions and or sophisticated clients. This synthesis of art, design and technology has resulted in a multitude of highly sought-after collectibles.

This comprehensive overview of contemporary furniture celebrates the achievements of an international selection of designers producing works of individual artistic expression that can be found in both museums and private homes.

Featuring more than 400 pieces, from impeccably finished tables and chairs made from natural materials to experimental furniture on the border between art and craft, this book is a first.

Structured by type of object and by designer, the book also presents some of the places (studios, factories) where these unique pieces of furniture are made, as well as a selection of major interiors showing collection furniture in situ.

Personalization and exclusivity in design are increasingly valued in a world that is returning to the values of authentic craftsmanship. This richly illustrated overview will appeal to design connoisseurs, collectors and anyone interested in custom furniture design.