Meillart – Laguiole Village Le Chasse

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French craftsmanship used to make a key element of everyday life – Meillart offers to distill grace and elegance into everyday life!

Brand : Meillart

Product name : Laguiole Village Le Chasse


Laguiole Village designs exceptional Laguiole hunting knives. With a hand-engraved spring and a forged and chiselled bee, this folding knife has a brushed finish and can be embellished with personalised engravings. Each piece is sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Laguiole Village cutlery relies on a judicious mix of tradition, modernity and innovation by offering exceptional pieces for all tastes, with a unique know-how and French manufacturing. Thanks to rigorous manufacturing processes, such as water jet and sand cutting, Laguiole Village makes meticulously crafted pieces that can be personalised with, for example, customised engraving.