Le Frenchy Guerlain

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The Frenchy is part of the “Parisiens” family from Guerlain, a collection of perfumes that are exclusively based on the house’s old scents. More precisely, the Frenchy is based on the house’s key ingredient of yesteryear: verbena. Thierry Wasser, the nose behind the scent, said: “When I was told that the perfume would be called The Frenchy, I rejoiced. It is very sunday frenchman, in every possible way. We can wear it with a city outfit or a country outfit. This scent is a smile.”.

Name of the product : Le Frenchy

Brand : Guerlain

Composition : Frenchy Lavande was previously known as Le Frenchy that belonged to the Les Parisiens exclusive line that represents the reinterpretation of Guerlain’s classic fragrance Eau de Verveine.

The composition is fresh citrusy and aromatic with notes of bergamot, verbena, lemon, neroli, petitgrain, lavender, vetiver, ambergris, and tonka.