Kintessence – K2 Palace

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A highly gastronomic restaurant with two Michelin stars. Under the leadership of the talented chef Jean-Rémi Caillon, the Kintessence offers an opera of tastes — perfect emulsion between mountain terroir, noble products and seasonal products. The Michelin Guide confirms: “Leave your preconceived ideas at the door: the place, warm and intimate, gives the impression of being at home. Large plush armchairs, a stone fireplace and relaxed service complete the experience almost naturally. There, all is order and beauty… The chef’s creations are as accomplished as they are seductive: he magnifies the product (particularly Savoyard) without artifice, with talent and precision. »

Restaurant : Kintessence – 2 star Michelin

Address : 238 Rue des Clarines 73120 Courchevel France

Contacts :For any request for information or reservation, contact the teams by telephone at+33 (0)4 79 40 08 80 or email on