Hine Rare VSOP

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Hine’s Rare VSOP is soft, balanced and subtly fruity. It’s a blend of twenty different brandies, all distilled from Petite and Grande Champagne. A complex and thus finely assembled cognac, the very embodiment of Hine’s know-how. 

Name of the Product : Rare VSOP

Brand : Hine

Description : An orchard bathed in low sunlight in September. It is 6 p.m., the air is still warm and a light breeze. There floats an atmosphere of Van Gogh’s Arles, with the warm voice of Cesaria Evora as its soundtrack. Aromas of roasted nectarines, ripe apricots and melon awaken a first sip as sweet as a brioche. Rare is the expression. A classic of the Hine house between delicacy and smoothness. An anchor and benchmark through all the house cognacs, Rare reinterprets the fruity flavors that mark the white wines of the Charente vineyards, particularly in Grande and Petite Champagne.