Fashion Eye Orient Express

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Sarah Moon left her oneiric mark on one of the founding myths of contemporary luxury — a trip to a chic and inspiring environment. These pictures are timeless, incredibly poetic and a source of inspiration for those who have the soul of an artist.

Author: Sarah Moon

Publishing House: Louis Vuitton

Publishing Date: November 2019

For the Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye collection, French photographer Sarah Moon boards the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul. Her dreamy, monochrome images capture the romance of this legendary voyage. Ensconced in a salon car, its panelled decor recreating the luxury of days gone by, Suzanne, the photographer’s model and heroine, appears as if outside time. Many stories are suggested; none is told.

A fashion and advertising photographer, as well as a filmmaker, Sarah Moon is inspired by fairy tales and childhood and fascinated by the power of the imagination. After a stint as a model in the 1960s, she chose a new, dream-like name for her move to the other side of the lens, developing a unique style that aims to create ‘a fiction in the space of a second’. Her pastel-toned images for Cacharel brought her international renown and she is frequently sought out by leading magazines including Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.