David Hockney- A Bigger Book

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9,000 copies signed by David Hockney himself for the first SUMO book dedicated to a painter by the famous Taschen Maison… And for the first time, David Hockney work is presented in this majestic format!

Author : Hans Werner Holzwarth, David Hockney

Title : A Bigger Book

Publising House : SUMO Edition Taschen

Release date : October 2016

13 folding pages, with a lectern of Marc Newson and a volume of 680 pages containing an illustrated chronology.

The first SUMO of TASCHEN edition dedicated to a painter, A Bigger Book is a grand visual retrospective of David Hockney’s work. The artist comes back to more than sixty years of work, from its teenage years in art school to its recent series of portrait, its Ipad draws, and Yorkshire landscapes.