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Here is a gin that is delicately floral to the nose, as well as remarkably velvety;  Citadelle Gin’s recipe is based on one of the first gins to be produced in France at Dunkirk’s Citadelle. Just enough to taste a drop of French history, in a purely modern gin.

Brand : Citadelle

Description : The 19 herbs that make up Citadelle infuse, depending on each profile, between 1 and 4 days: crucial time for Citadelle to acquire its distinguished profile. It is then distilled in small copper stills over a naked flame to obtain all its suppleness and voluptuous character on the palate. Citadel Gin exudes delicate aromas of fresh flowers supported by more marked citrus traits. Once served, it emanates more intense and herbaceous notes of juniper and anise, then the spicy side of cinnamon softens the nose, bringing a very greedy dimension to the gin. On the palate, the juniper gives way to a voluptuous, long, spicy fragrance. But if Citadelle offers a complete aromatic richness, its three character traits remain: – Juniper, its signature, the key base of Citadelle – Citrus, an additional citrus note that highlights the juniper – Exoticism, bringing a degree additional reading with hints of pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. Balanced, it is elegant, soft and long in the mouth, for an alcohol content of 44%.