Amor Amor Cacharel

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Amor Amor is a fruity floral nectar for women seeking adventure, romantic or epic! The scent was thought to capture the electric sensation of love at first sight: an instant spark, an immediate attraction, a racing heart. This is the composition of this perfume …

Name of the product : Amor Amor

Brand : Cacharel

Composition : Amor Amor is love seen by Cacharel, the scent of passion and love at first sight, sensual and intense, for a game of seduction- A fragrance that symbolizes the emotion of the first kiss, sensual and unforgettable. Scent of lovers, Amor Amor reminds us that smell is the essential sense of sensuality. Like a love potion, the composition takes on a vibrant red color and recounts the magical notes of flowers and fruits. A gourmet red fruit accord, an explosive heartbeat (rose, lily of the valley and Mélati flower which is a variety of jasmine), soft as the caress of a petal, transports the perfume towards the abstraction of first love. A caramel inflection, a trace of vanilla and an amber accent come to embrace this fragrance with its addictive momentum.