The Rolling Stones – 1967 : hargne, drogue et rock’n’roll

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The turning point of the year 67, that is to say the year when the Stones took the bet of the total freedom in front of the ridiculous and outdated laws of Great Britain… “This book constitutes a real police investigation and reveals, forty-five years later, heaps of dirty tricks carefully passed under silence at the time” notes the editor!

Author : Simon Wells

Publishing House : Camion Blanc

Date of Release : December 2012

Today, it may sound funny, but in 1967, the drug law was not a joke. For a blunt and 4 amphetamine pills, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards found themselves in jail. A little party that ended badly. It’s a good thing the cops didn’t know that before the search, the guests had been high on LSD! As for Brian Jones, let’s not talk about it: the persecutions he was subjected to by the authorities only aggravated his already weakened mental health. For three years, the young people had been pissing off the old people with their pop music, their long hair, their pirate radios, their drugs and their decadent way of life (until 1967, homosexuality was still punishable by prison). The latter were determined to take their revenge on these pimps and girlies who were rolling in money while hollering yeah yeah yeah. This book is a real police investigation and reveals, forty-five years later, a lot of dirty tricks that were carefully ignored at the time!