Souliers, Une Passion Masculine

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A precise selection of the most beautiful shoes in the world that takes the reader to the four corners of the world to better understand the know-how and the vision of elegance that a man’s shoe conveys…

Authors: Hugo Jacomet, Andy Julia

Publisher:  Gründ

Date de Publication: Novembre 2019

Exceptional shoes

Dive into the world of the historic houses of the high-end shoe industry that are leading the way in the creation of high-end shoes: Berluti, Lobb, Corthay. Santoni or J.M. Weston. In full expansion, the sector is also opening up to younger and more confidential houses with a good reputation, but also to international craftsmen such as Tony Gaziano, St Crispin’s, or Carmina. From the jewels made by the Compagnons du Devoir and master boot makers Pierre Corthay and Anthony Delos, to the rise of new players, this book finally opens the doors to a mysterious and enchanted universe. Discover the nuggets offered by the newcomers to the trade, and delight in their extravagance.