Rome Grands Voyageurs

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The thousand faces of Rome are unveiled in this book that details and spread the key addresses to capture the artistic, gastronomic, and historic Rome.

Author : Carole Saturno

Publishing House : Éditions du Chêne

Release date : March 2018

Roma, la Ville éternelle ! This European tourism unmissable is under the sign of la dolce vita. Is it not his anagram amor? We also go there for its exceptional heritage. An open-air museum, the Italian capital brings us to Roman times, but also of the first Christian, in a simple walk, from the forum to the catacombs and the Colosseum. But Rome has a thousand faces: religious capital, bustling city, aristocratic or popular, depending on whether you walk in the vast halls of the Vatican, marvel at the colossal basilica of Saint Peter, that we breathe in the Villa Borghese gardens, whether you get lost in the alleys of Trastevere or flush out a little baroque church on a charming piazzeta, perfect for taking the Roman aperitivo!