Rome des peintres et des écrivains

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Rome, the inspiring city, is revealed here by the key works of painters and writers that have sung the beauty and epiphanies!

Author : Laurent Bolard

Publishing house : Hazan Beaux Arts

Release date : October 2021

Is it a coincidence that in Latin Roma, upside down, reads Amor? No, of course: how could it be otherwise? For centuries, if not millennia, all the desires and dreams of humanity have converged upon it, which, without Rome, would not be what it is. How many cities can brag about having such an influence in the course of history? Rome ! The name alone today still makes you dream. As he made dream artists and writers who described it or painted it always with passion, this book is the reflet of this passion. As it is intended to reflect the incredible diversity of representations and evocation of the city: its ruins and its skies, its gardens and its narrow streets, its churches, its palaces, its light, and of course its population, always extraordinarily alive…
Together with painters and writers, this book invites you to explore Rome, the Eternal city, but also the most beautiful city in the world.