Rolling Stones

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The Stones’ epic through the lens of each of their albums, described and captured by renowned music critic Alain Gouvrion…

Author : Alain Gouvrion

Publishing House : Éditions du Layeur

Date of Release : November 2021

The Rolling Stones, one of the two biggest bands in rock history. The other is called The Beatles. This illustrated book features record covers and presents the story of each album’s creation with a few powerful phrases. And for this we can trust Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.

It is said that there are a thousand ways to tell a story, and that of the fabulous Rolling Stones has inspired dozens of biographers. This true rock epic often opens with the famous reunion scene between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, two childhood friends, on the platform of Dartford station, at the dawn of the sixties.
But it could just as easily begin with images of a young blond guitarist named Brian Jones playing Elmore James blues, an elegant drummer named Charlie Watts haunting London jazz clubs, or a certain William Perks, an enigmatic bassist recruited, it is said, because he was the lucky owner of an amplifier.
For having lived a thousand lives against a backdrop of scandal, dope and rock’n’roll, the Stones remain an indelible monument of Pop Culture. This book, which explores most of their discography, including their solo work, is another prism that perpetuates the legend. That of a band of young white Englishmen possessed by the Devil’s music and who have been electrifying our lives for over half a century.