Louboutin – Rouge Louboutin

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Icon-Icon Opinion :

“I had the shoe, I had the design and each time I thought: “The shoe is good but the design is still better”. I was turning it in every direction but when I held it like that… The sole was black… And I didn’t have any black in my design, I didn’t have any beige, brown or grey—I only had bright colors. There was Sarah, whose job was to try on the shoes, who was painting her nails. I told her: “listen leave me… but before that, can I take your nail polish? The bottle.” She replied: “Wait until I finish and I’ll give it to you.” I said: “No wait, there’s something I want to check.” So a little argument happened. I managed to recover the bottle of nail polish. She only had two nails done, so she was not happy. Then I finally emptied the nail polish on the sole, looked at my drawing and I thought: “well here it is, this is my drawing.”

Name of the product : Rouge Louboutin

Name of the brand : Louboutin

Description :

The iconic nail colour available in an intense matte finish. 5 shades of red for full color impact. Matte from head to toes, Rouge Louboutin from lips to nails. The MATTE NAIL COLOUR comes in 5 iconic shades. Delivering intense red color and full matte finish, its texture glides evenly onto the nails for a precise and sophisticated result.