Le Style années 50 L’intégrale

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The 50’s is considered to be one of the most important decades in the history of design. This erudite but accessible book opens the doors!

Author : Dominic Bradbury

Publishing house : Parenthèses

Publication : Octobre 2020

The fifties and sixties were among the most influential and creative years in the history of design.
In this post-war consumerist era, novelty is carried to the skies and invited into all sectors of design. From the Vespa to the Instamatic, from Knoll furniture to Helvetica typefaces, studios, workshops and factories invent and disseminate the shapes of a new world.
A complete overview of the 1950’s style, this book, rich with a thousand photographs and articles signed by the greatest specialists in the field, is a godsend for the antique dealer and collector as well as for the simple lover of objects with incomparable lines.
Mobilier, luminaires, objets,
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