Juun J X Reebok Pump Omni Zone 2

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Icon-Icon Opinion : 

The bold approach of Korean designer Juun J meets the icon that is Reebok’s 1991 original Pump Omni Zone II, a sneaker turned legend at the feet of Dee Brown during the 1991 NBA Dunk Contest, a basketball star famous for his ever bolder shots, and an iconic dunk performance made possible by this very shoe.

Name of the product : Juun J X Reebok Pump Omni Zone 2 “Wild brown”

Brand : Reebok

Description :

It’s like day and night separating the JUUN J x REEBOK PUMP Omni Zone 2 “Lux” and the Jurassic Park edition; the Korean designer carries a minimalistic philosophy. He offers up Dee Brown’s sneaker in three distinct colorways: white, caramel brown and black. They are adorned with, in some places pierced, premium leather. The new collaboration picks up where the Pump Court and Instapump Fury models left off. JUUN J wanted to give a functional aesthetic to the Omni Zone 2. This is the reason for which the ESMOD Seoul graduate chose to implement a leather lanyard at the heel. Whether this modification will please aficionados is a separate issue. The entry of the 1991 sneaker in the luxury market reveals itself a success.