Italian Chic

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Expert in fine books dedicated to the art of living, Assouline publishes here a book that focuses on the Italian way of life- chic as possible, we discover the behind the scene of the stylistic habits and customs of Italia, from North to South!

Author : Daria Reina, Andrea Ferolia

Publishing House : Assouline

Release date : July 2018

Italia is a country synonym of style and beauty in all aspects of life: the rich history of Rome, the Renaissance art of Florence, the graceful canals of Venice, the haute couture of Milan, the pasta alla bolognese of Bologna, the colorful architecture of Portofino and the flashing blue waters of Capri and of the Amalfi coast, for instance. Italian themselves live effortlessly in the middle of all this magnificence, knowing instinctively what type of clothes to wear, what graphic element to balance, or what delicious ingredient to add. Daria Reina et Andrea Ferolla, sensitive lovers and often nostalgic about their country of origin bring readers on a guided tour of Italia, the main road and side road crossed by tourists, or even completely isolated from the network, at the lesser-known corner. Reina et Ferolla invites readers to discover special moments and places that reveal an intimate portrait of one of the most popular destinations in the world.