Gatsby le Magnifique

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A captivating dive into a world of luxury and fantasy, carried by a whimsical and flamboyant love — Gatsby the Magnificent is a monument of literature. A colorful and emotional fresco from an era as fascinating as the Roaring Twenties.

Author : F. Scott Fitzgeral

Publishing House : Saints Pères, Anthracite Gray Print Numbered from 1 to 1800

Release Date : November 2017

Who better than Jay Gatsby, the legendary hero of Fitzgerald, would incarnate the party, the existence in opulence, the joyful champagne bubbles, the roaring youth? Far from these images, however, is their creator. In 1922, the twenty-six-year-old author sent a few words to his publisher: “I would like to write something new — something extraordinary, and beautiful, and simple, and meticulously composed. »