Formule 1 (Édition anniversaire 70 ans)

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Author: Peter Nygaard

Publishing House: Glénat

Publication Date: November 2020

70 years at the top of motor racing through the Peter Nygaard collection, an unprecedented retrospective. Theyear 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of Formula 1, which was created in 1950. Since its inception in 1950, everyyear around the world, racing enthusiasts have been drawn to Formula One races. In addition to the fans whotravel to the Grand Prix, there are now nearly 1.8 billion television viewers who watch each F1 season in aggregate, with the Monaco Grand Prix alone attracting more than 100 million viewers. In this monumental book, Peter Nygaard, historian, photographer and motor sport collector, opens his exclusive and unpublished archives to tell the story of Formula 1, from the first Grand Prix in the 1950s to the high-tech, ultra-mediatized races of today. In 480 pages organized chronologically by decade, he evokes through images and text the legendarychampions – Fangio, Stewart, Lauda, Prost, Senna, Schumacher, Hamilton -, the greatest victories, the race incidents, the evolution of the machines, the hard work of the mechanics in the paddocks and in the pits. The book is extraordinarily rich, with detailed technical data sheets on the cars as well as the track records of the drivers and manufacturers from 1950 to 2020. Large double-page spreads provide numerous anecdotes and unusual information for each decade. Another highlight of the book: Peter Nygaard offers us magnificent multi-visual pages to visually present the evolution in 70 years of cockpits, racers’ equipment or the mechanical and aerodynamic technology of the cars. With more than 400 images, mostly unpublished, from the author’s personalcollection, this exceptional opus offers all Formula 1 fans a new perspective on the object of their passion.