Christopher Coutanceau, fisherman cook

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Authors: Christopher Coutanceau, Patricia Khenouna

Publishing House: Glénat

Publication Date: May, 2018

Description : By brandishing his identity as a man of the sea and a craftsman of nature like a flag, the chief proclaims the colour… The marine universe is omnipresent in its vasseau that overlooks the beach of the Competition, from furniture to dishes, and of course to the menu. Christopher Coutanceau only works with line fish, shellfish and shellfish from a local, eco-responsible fishery. From this bias emerge dishes of a unique finesse. Two stars reward his creativity and the magic of a place where he refined every detail with his partner Nicolas Brossard, room manager and head sommelier. Crazy about fishing, Christopher Coutanceau was initiated by his grandfather at the age of 4. He maintains a fusion relationship with the ocean and continues to fish as soon as he has a moment, with the regret of missing time for diving and surfing, his other passions. The ocean never ceases to amaze him. It is at the auction that he draws inspiration each morning to elaborate his cuisine, strong of an intimate knowledge of the element, with a rigor and regularity flawless. A member of several marine conservation associations, Christopher Coutanceau advocates sustainable fishing, respecting the size of the catch and the season. A fan of locavore, he selects all his products in the neighboring terroirs of La Rochelle, near the Marais Poitevin, for example, where a market gardener grows for him organic vegetables, herbs and red fruits. Nicolas Brossard, former head sommelier at Alain Ducasse at the Louis XV in Monaco, is driven by the same desire to highlight the regional gastronomic heritage. He gives pride of place to the Charente and Vendée wines, adding to a winery that has been famous for more than thirty years. So many proposals of character that make the trip to La Rochelle unforgettable. In this book you will find not only gastronomic recipes, but also a calendar of fisheries and recommendations for the respectful preparation of seafood.