Chaumet: Joaillier parisien depuis 1780

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This luxury jewellery house has never ceased to explore all the possibilities offered by stones and sublime — a subtle form of geometry where diamonds meet stones, gold ans silver… Thus, this book gathers Chaumet’s rarest and most outstanding creations.

Author: Henri Loyrette

Publishing House: Flammarion

Publication Date: April 2017

Chaumet has established itself over time as a symbol of elegance and excellence. Since its foundation in 1780, and thanks to the uninterrupted transmission of an exceptional know-how, the House of 12, place Vendôme has been able to elevate its most beautiful creations to the rank of masterpieces of decorative arts. It has established itself as a major player in the history of taste. Based on a rich iconography and a renewed study of the archives, this monograph sheds light on the languages and elements that constitute the Chaumet style, as well as the stylistic dialogues of the creators with their respective eras and the artistic currents that animated.