Chantecaille – Crème CBD 300

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A cream based on five different plant stem cell extracts to counter all visible signs of aging…All while protecting the skin from future disruptions thanks to its moisturizing and antioxidants properties— the ultimate holistic protocol: produced by the miracle and natural molecule of CBD!

Name of the Product : CBD 300 Face and Body Cream

Name of the Brand : Chantecaille

Description :

A luxurious cream which blends with skincare benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) with a cocktail of innovative botanicals that amplifiy its ability to nourish and restore the skin and provide relief for aches and pains. Nutrient dense CBD helps the body seek balance; soothing stress and providing the skin with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxident benefits. Cannabis and Eggplant Stem Cell Extracts relieve hyper sensitive and inflamed skin by strengthening the skin barrier and immediately soothing inflammation. Cherimoya Extract, derived from South American superfruit, reduces inflammation and redness, giving the skin a calming effect. The synergy of these exciting new actives leaves the skin calmer and soothed and also offers the entire body natural pain-relieving topical effect.