Beyoncegraphica – A Graphic Biography of Beyoncé

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In recent years, Beyoncé has become a fashion supernova. Taking advantage of its status, its aura and especially its impact to raise awareness and draw attention to committed and sharp designers. This book looks back at the trajectory of an artist who has been in the spotlight since she was very young!

Publisher : Unauthorised and Unofficial

Date of Release : September 2017

BEYONCE needs only a one-word introduction. Universally recognised and with a platform the world over, she is a singer, an artist, an activist and an icon. In this innovative graphic biography, Beyonce’s genius is explored and celebrated like never before, with fun infographics looking at the highlights and successes of her career – from costume changes to record sales, her impressive vocal range to her work off-stage. Beyonce’s astonishing accomplishments are showcased against fellow legends of the industry in addition to celebrating her achievements in her own right. Drawing on her 26-year career, Chris Roberts tells the story of how a young singer from Texas transformed herself into a globally revered performer who came to dominate the charts, our screens and even wardrobes. Who has come to represent so much more than the pop industry, through philanthropy, politics and campaigning, Beyonce has broken the mould of what it means to be a superstar and that star continues to rise.