All the cuisine of Paul Bocuse

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Author: Paul Bocuse

Publishing House: Flammarion

Publication Date: October, 2011

Description : “Mr. Paul”, as the entire profession respectfully calls him, was proclaimed “Head of the Century” by the American press. For all those who have not had the chance to have lunch or dinner once in their life at the Auberge de Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or, and for all those who still remember, this book will offer a complete panorama of 20th century French cuisine, interpreted and revisited by Paul Bocuse. Learners gourmets or seasoned amateurs will find there the quintessence of a culinary art, carried so high and far that everything seems simple. All the recipes of Bocuse! From starter to dessert, you will find there something to satisfy your appetite. Sorbets and pastries, bugnes or waffles, but also squash soup with mimosa egg or macaroni gratin… Offering recipes that are feasible in every kitchen, this illustrated book finally brings together the cuisine of the greatest of current chefs. We will find authentic, friendly and generous cuisine, to savor with the family around a beautiful bottle of wine. Accompanied by illustrations that give water to the mouth, these recipes will delight all taste buds.