Accidentally Wes Anderson

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Pastel roses, acidic hues, fascinating skies, perfectly symmetrical architecture… This book makes Wes Anderson’s phantasmagorical cinema even more real! Throughout these beautiful pages, an aesthetic vision is discovered through breathtaking photographs and unexpected stories… This book is a passport to find inspiration and to inspire adventure!

Author: Wally Koval

Publishing House: EPA Eds

Publication Date: 7 April 2021

Fan of Wes Anderson’s universe? Looking for new emotions?

Let yourself be surprised by the best shots of the mythical instagram account Accidentally Wes Anderson, on which users post images evoking the incredible universe of the director.

With these 150 real places which, by the symmetry of the lines, the acidulous tones, the perfect composition, invite you to look at the world differently, go on an adventure and discover behind each facade, each landscape, the history of the place.

With this book dedicated to modern travellers, live in the Wes Anderson sphere!