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  • Frapin – VS Premier Grand Cru

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    The youngest of Frapin’s great cognacs – since 1270, this family has been sublimating the Grande Champagne terroir into a cognac, of which this Very Special expresses all the dynamics.

    Product name: VS Premier Grand Cru

    Brand : Frapin

    Description : Frapin VS Cognac is a 100% Grande Champagne product and the youngest blend offered by Frapin. A dynamic blend that has aged for at least 2 years in total. Great finesse is a predominant characteristic of this Grande Champagne Cognac, the result of a special process of distillation on fine lees.

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  • Camus – Very Spécial Intensity

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    In the five generations that the Camus House has been in the hands of the founding family, the philosophy has remained the same: creating the most perfect cognac, in harmony with the nature surrounding the Camus family estate. The Very Special Intensity cognac is one of the most famous of these expressions!

    Product name : Very Spécial Intensity

    Brand : Camus

    Description : CAMUS Very Special is a blend of carefully selected eaux-de-vie that captures the quintessential flavours of the Charente region, characterised by rich fruity aromas with hints of spice.

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