Millesime 1988

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  • Hine X.O

    Hine Antique XO
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    An incredible expression of Hine’s cognac-making expertise.;with its complex vanilla, fruit and spice flavored nose, Hine’s X.O is produced from 40 different cognacs, all from the very heart of the cognac region, straight off the banks of the Charente.

    Name of the Product : Hine Antique X.O

    Brand : Hine

    Description : “He says no with his head, but he says yes with his heart, he says yes to what he likes, he says no to the teacher.” Mischievous harmony in the manner of Jacques Prévert, citrus fruits rejoice then let themselves be softened by Acacia.The notes of small sour cherries foretell a still burning youth in the grip of all adventures, reasoned by the tangy flavor of yellow-fleshed grapefruit.

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