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  • Les plus beaux hôtels du monde. Bien plus qu’un lit !

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    Author: Diane Routex

    Publishing House: L’imprévu-Adulte

    Publication Date: November 2019

    Palace, capsule hotel, boutique-haste luxury hotel. design hotel at green hotel… today. The concept of a hotel contains an extremely dense and diverse reality. The hotel is a very codified place meeting official standards, which often gives it an impersonal and banal character. But when he transgresses the codes-in terms of design, architecture or intimacy he acquires a very special personality. In order to stand out from the ever increasing number of offers, the hotel establishments compete for originality and personality. Atypical layout, infinite luxury, architectural challenge. spectacular surroundings, eco-tourism labels or trendy terraces are the elements that determine the success of an establishment. Today’s hotels can take any shape and make the craziest architectural shores real.

    The most beautiful hotels in the world take you around the world to some of the most innovative and daring establishments in terms of aesthetics and design and present you with sixty-five of these hotels that offer more than a bed for a simple night’s sleep!

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  • The Rolling Stones. 60 ans de Rock

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    Six decades of an eventful and legendary career are recounted here… Without forgetting any of the juicy little anecdotes, from the Stones’ tax exile to their knighthood by the Queen!

    Authors : Howard Kramer, Valeria Manferto De Fabianis,

    Publishing House : L’Imprévu

    Date of Release : Avril 2022

    The Rolling Stones: the greatest rock band in the world.
    Bad boys and jet-setters, exiles and drug addicts: they have cultivated their image throughout their 60-year career.
    Despite all the opposition and obstacles they have faced, and often caused, the Rolling Stones have always delivered.
    This book is a richly illustrated account of their career, highlighting major events and artistic achievements. After six decades of music, the Rolling Stones are still considered a model for rock bands around the world.

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