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  • Peugeot- eC01

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    Powered by a BOSCH engine, the Peugeot eC01 bike offers an elegant and impeccable- designed and manufactured in France.

    Name of the product : eC01

    Brand : Peugeot

    Description : The City PEUGEOT eC01 Crossover bike will allows you to explore the city but also its surroundings thanks to its Bosch Performance engine ans its CrossOver Schwalbe Hurricane multi-purpose tires.

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  • Mercedes – EQS

    Mercedes - EQS
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    Intelligent electric mobility – that’s what the new Mercedes-Benz EQ car range is all about. And in its long and rich history, Mercedes-Benz has proven time and again that it can meet the demands of the times. Now it’s done with the Mercedes EQS, the most glamorous electric car ever!

    Name of the model : EQS

    Brand : Mercedes

    Description : The ultimate in automotive luxury: the electric ergonomics allow for a renewed passenger space. Due to the flexibility of the design, the space is more airy and unconventional, while retaining a breathtaking elegance. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz star design grille highlights the futuristic design of the New EQS.

    From : 127 250€

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  • Audi – e-tron GT

    Audi - e-tron GT
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    Elegance and power. The Audi e-tron GT boasts two electric motors – one on the front axle and one on the rear – delivering between 522 and 637 horsepower depending on the model and an innovative two-speed transmission that allows for breathtaking takeoffs.

    Name of the model : e-tron GT

    Brand : Audi

    Description : The concept behind the Audi RS e-ton GT has been completely reinvented to bring this new exceptional model to life. Innovative technological approaches have enabled the development of outstanding features. This ambition for total reinterpretation is also met in the new pure design and its aerodynamic lines. Its RS emblem with the red rhombus announces great performance.

    From : 105 100€

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  • Tesla – Model S

    Tesla - Model S
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    A pioneering car – the Model S is an icon from another time. Safer, more efficient, more practical and electric, the Tesla combines dynamism and ecology in a car that is as beautiful as it is powerful! A concentrate of new technologies that we owe to the visionary Elon Musk.

    Name of the model : Model S

    Brand : Tesla

    Description : Tesla designed the Model S as an electric vehicle from scratch. Every component, including the batteries, motors and exterior aerodynamics, is optimized to take advantage of the other components and create one of the most efficient and incredibly powerful vehicles ever built.

    From : 104 990€

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  • Porsche – Taycan

    Porsche - Taycan
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    A sublime and eco-conscious car… A sign that drivers are increasingly adopting electric models, sales of the Porsche Taycan have surpassed those of the 911 series, the emblem of Porsche style!

    Name of the model : Taycan

    Brand : Porsche

    Description : The pure, expressive and timeless silhouette that characterizes the Taycan is underlined by a dynamic and flat “flyline”. The living space is not to be outdone as it can accommodate 4 people in exclusive comfort, in addition to the rear and front trunk.

    From : 89 357€

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  • BMW – iX

    BMW - iX
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    The best of the three worlds of BMW i, BMW X models and BMW M GmbH are combined in the BMW iX M60. A sporty, stylish and deliberately sustainability-oriented vehicle! The BMW iX M60 combines a systematically sustainability-oriented vehicle concept with the design of a modern sports activity vehicle and exciting dynamic driving characteristics. In this way, it embodies the best of the three worlds of BMW i, the BMW X models and BMW M GmbH.

    Name of the model : iX

    Brand : BMW

    Description : The generous surfaces and lack of character lines give the BMW iX its masterful shape. Aerodynamics is pushed to the last detail: aerodynamic wheels, frameless door windows, redesigned mirrors to reduce noise, closed grille and Stream Flow window design tapering towards the rear.

    From : 94 060€

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  • Volvo – C40 Recharge

    Volvo - C40 Recharge
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    “The C40 is a car that symbolizes and respects electrification. It has the personality of the XC40, which has proven appealing to many, but is further accentuated by its dynamic expression and sleek profile. It’s a really attractive product for people who are looking for the easy-going aspects of an SUV with a more modern statement,” says Robin Page, head of design at Volvo Cars.

    Name of the model : C40 Recharge

    Brand : Volvo

    Description :The C40 Recharge doesn’t force you to choose between power and more sustainable driving. Just sit back, hit the road and enjoy smooth acceleration and all-wheel drive with zero emissions with a single pedal stroke.

    From : 59 760€

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  • Jaguar – E-Pace

    Jaguar - E-Pace
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    Designed to awaken the senses, in true Jaguar tradition, and that of the planet, the Jaguar I-Pace is as shapely as it is impressive. Voted 2019 European Car of the Year, and 2019 World Car of the Year, it has all the prestige and performance of Jaguar. The I-Pace retains everything that Brian Fraser, Spark44’s Chief Creative Officer in charge of Jaguar communications, lends to the cat’s signature cars… “The central idea is that Jaguars are as unique as the people who drive them. They’re not meant to follow.”

    Name of the model : E-Pace

    Brand : Jaguar

    Description : The E-PACE is Jaguar’s first compact SUV. It offers a unique combination of elegance, agility and dynamic driving.

    From: 53 590

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